About us

OLK MANUFACTORY is a Kyiv-based company that produces traditional and modern hand-woven kylyms. The company was founded by a Ukrainian artist and designer Oksana Levchenya. The artist has managed to create a new product by combining unique modern designs, folk ornaments and traditional crafting technique. But most of the kylyms are made according to Oksana Levchenya's own sketches.

OLK MANUFACTORY produces three types of woven articles: reproductions of old museum carpets and ancient Ukrainian flatweaves, a combination of ethnic patterns with symbols of modern pop culture, author's carpets based on Oksana Levchenya's own sketches.  Each product at OLK Manufactory is unique and unrepeatable. Each of the kylyms is produced in a limited number, from 1 to 15. And even each copy is unique, because it is handmade.