Recycle, Reuse, Redesign

Reduce, reuse, recycle, REDESIGN. It's a new carpet, made out of the parts of the worn ones. To create this object, we need only patches of the spoilt carpets which will never be used. Abstract shapes and various textures set up a unique composition. 

  1. A myriad of textures, the use of traditional ornaments in combination with new details, the variability of color, shape and rhythm make this carpet unique. It was created by the artist Oksana Levchenya herself. The unique artistic value of the product intertwines with the comprehensive theme of recycling, sustainable consumption, environmental responsibility. Each rug has a distinctive look and is of high quality. An innovative artistic design can be traced through the combination of abstract forms, textures and patterns.  
  1. This carpet is made out of three old carpets: wool, hemp and polyamide. Different textures, combined in this carpet, make it tactilely special. The patches are sewn together by a special technique: the edges are finished with an overlock and united by the surgical stitch (the artist has medical education). This method is unique for the carpet-weaving. Wear resistance of the product is high. Customers can provide their carpets themselves or choose the colors for their new one. This makes creative work interactive. Dimensions of the carpet, as well as its shape, can be non-standard. The innovative seam and edge finish give the carpet enhanced properties. A wide range of colors and abstract details make each product distinctive.
  1. All pieces of the carpet are cleaned and colored with natural dyes if necessary. By recycling old carpets, we get a new art object with high wear resistance (since all parts are redyed and processed manually). We source carpets for recycling at the local classified and flea markets. They can be defective or damaged. Operating time and the process complexity is minimized, while as a result, we get a new product of high quality and with artistic value. The recycling process involves social responsibility -- we make the work of the master easier, the value of the object higher and stay environmentally friendly. Durability is increased due to the refinishing of carpet pieces.

I have not developed a special marketing concept or strategy. However, the created object has become more cost-effective, yet not less valuable. This art object, made out of the worn carpets, should attract such customer category who appreciate the uniqueness and quality of the product.