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Oksana Levchenya
Motanka the Defender


Masks from an imaginary period in time. Oksana Levchenya's obiects consist of ancient fencing masks with traditional-looking, geometric embroidery. With these she depicts both the power of self-defence and the individual going to war. Levchenya took inspiration from traditional Ukrainian Motanka dolls, made of rags of geometrically woven fabric. Unlike the embroidered masks, these dolls are not treated with sharp objects to avoid damaging their ascribed powers. Oksana Levchenya was raised in Ukraine. After studying surgery, she studied Architectural Design in Kyiv. Her paintings, sculptures and installations gained her international recognition. She has a keen interest in the theory of social identity. Her tapestries, costumes and masks embody a mythological image of a person who does not belong to any community and is therefore freed from stereotypes imposed by social principles.