OLK-39 Space Cossacks (320x258 cm)

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320x258 cm

Materials&Technique: Woven of hand-painted wool on hemp base. Hand-made, woven on a vertical tapestry loom.

The product represents a traditional Ukrainian kylym, handwoven on a vertical loom by a group of artisans according to the folk carpet-making technique. The base of the kylym is hemp thread and the carpet cloth is made of hand-dyed wool yarn.

The artwork is based off of Levchenya’s reinvention of the regional folk kylyms by giving them a modern twist. The artist extracted ornaments and symbols from the regional Ukrainian kylyms of the second half of the 19th century, redrew and updated them, introducing a reinterpreted character of a spaceman. Blurring the line between the past and the present, the Space Cossacks symbolize the humankind that has entered the new stage of progress. The innovativeness of the plot is established on the desire to evolve and thrive in the modern life context.