OLK-39 Space Cossacks (320x258 cm)

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Materials&Technique: Woven of hand-painted wool on hemp base.  Hand-made, woven on a vertical tapestry loom.

Winner of Elle Decoration International Design Award Ukraine 2019

Topic&Composition: The main frame of composition consists of the elements of the antique Ukrainian recruit kylym. The composition is supplemented with characters wearing space suits. Kylym symbolism, ornament and colour scheme renovate afresh its traditional meaning and purpose. 

Authorship: Woven by  Anna Sokolova, Nina Chebotariova, Iryna Mosiienko. Sketch (graphic design) by Max Kobuzan. Artist - folk motives, developed by Oksana Levchenia.  

Production: Copy 1 of 15. Limited edition (15 copies). OLK Manufactory, 2018.