OLK-04 Big Malevich (280x300 cm)

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The carpet is inspired by Modernism. It consists of two parts: the central is a suprematic motif for the Ukrainian national dress by Kazimir Malevich, the side -- modern design by Oksana Levchenya.

  1. The carpet combines the aesthetics of the Ukrainian modernism and contemporary design by O. Levchenya. It is handwoven by artisans of OLK Manufactory. The carpet is divided into two parts. It can be used as single unit or a cluster united by a special zip. 
  2. The dynamic composition can be separated and placed in interiors of various complexity. The carpet is handwoven on a vertical loom from hand-dyed wool according to the traditional carpet-making technique. All this make the object timeless.
  3. The carpet is made of natural materials. The production doesn’t involve electricity use and the labor is highly paid. The multi-functionality of the carpet prolongs its service life and contributes to the usability.
  4. The combination of the authentic technique and modern design revitalizes interest to hand-making crafts.