We are among the best designs of the Dutch Design Week!

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We are very proud to be selected among 35 best designers at the Dutch Design Week 2018.

35 Designers We Loved at Dutch Design Week 2018

The theme for Dutch Design Week 2018 was “If not us, then who?” — which says a lot about the current state of affairs in the world but also about the progressive and responsible spirit that lies at the core of the Dutch design scene. There was a palpable energy in Eindhoven this year, as ceramics were being lifted from kiln shelves straight onto display plinths, and experimental prototypes, finished the night before the show, were maneuvered into position. Products often had a purpose beyond mere aesthetics, whether that meant engaging with environmental issues, reviving and supporting a cultural heritage and craft, or simply building longevity and adaptability into products. Among our favorites: longtime SU loves Raw Color; the fourth annual Transitions exhibition by Baars & Bloemhoff; vases by Erika Emerén; vessels by Lucas Maassen, and G18, the Design Academy Eindhoven graduate exhibition that this year was taken offsite to the vast Campina Milk Factory. The move helped accommodate a 20 percent increase in graduates showing this year, but the quality of work was by no means watered down. Here are some of our favorite finds from across the city.

We have been presented in «Creative Ukraine» section:

The Creative Ukraine exhibition “Modern_ism” exuded a vibrant energy, and three stand-out talents caught our eye. From top: Masha Reva brings a modernity to traditional Ukrainian ceramics in her first collection for new brand NadiiaOlk Manufactory showed hand-woven kilims featuring geometric folk motifs. And in Ceramic Travellers by Sergey Makhno, a set of totem-like pots represent the different continents. The stacked forms are emphasized with vivid color and layered with a mottled, copper-green glaze.

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