Exhibition of textiles “Nonexistent tribes”

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Nonexistent tribes (extract) from Anton Alter on Vimeo.

Video for “Nonexistent tribes” exhibition of textiles, masks and installations made by Oksana Levchenya, ukrainian artist and founder of the OLK manufactory. This series of works were first shown at Bursa Gallery, Kyiv in 2018.

Textiles and masks by Oksana Levchenya
Exhibition curator Julia Kurmangalina
Performer Dmitry Chernyavsky
DOP Sasha Kulak
Edit Anton Alter
Music Iron Path by Robin Storey aka Rapoon
The works of the author are an example of a traditional costume that interweave with the image of the modern world. Since the beginning of its history the main subjects of the weaving are historical events, mythology etc.
Oksana Levchenya's costumes represent a mythological image of a person in the modern world. The main attributes of modernity acquire a ritual significance.